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Quick Start

Ok, so basically this ain’t my first blog. I’ve been rather successfully running my IT blog in polish language at http://paulszulc.blogspot.com.  So what happened, why sudden change? And why wordpress.com and not blogspot.com? Well to tell the long story short:

1. After reading Pawel Badenski’s post I realized that I should really blog in English – “Esperanto of software world”. More people might read it, better feedback I can get, thus faster grow of my IT skills.

2. I honestly dislike lack of all the major blog functionalities on blogspot.com, that are available here on wordpress.com

More about my switch to English writing and decisions about it you can read in polish here: http://paulszulc.blogspot.com. If you never came across my previous blog, then all you should know, is that I’m starting the new one here (yeah!) and I will translate some of my previous posts to English (so at the beginning some entries here might be just simple copy of my previous blog), especially Java Killers series and all the posts tagged with “learned on field” where I describe common situations that I encountered during programming and I hope to share what I learned from that experience.

Stay tuned

Paul Szulc

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