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Java Killers #002 – Add me, check me

December 31, 2009 2 comments

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Testing EJB3.0 Presentation at Parleys

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Szczecin JUG added to Parlays my presentation about Testing EJB3.0 (though the presentation should really be named: Testing and testing EJB3.0), that I was doing last year at Java4People conference in Szczecin, Poland.

Presentation is in polish language though, so don’t be surprised :). Presentation can be reached here.

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I wasn’t here for quite a while…

December 14, 2009 5 comments

I wasn’t here for quite a while… For the last three months I was quite busy since my life has changed rapidly. To tell the long story short:

1. First this thing happend:

2. Then we went there:

3. And then I’ve learned the consequences 🙂

Meanwhile I changed my job, did one commercial project using WicketCool (I will write about it soon) and I can finally get back to my blog ;). Hope to see you all soon.

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